Relaxation for Reflexology CPD Course

Relaxation for Reflexology CPD Course is a comprehensive distance learning course approved by the Association of Reflexologists. This fascinating course will teach you a variety of relaxation, visualisation and stress reduction techniques to use in combination with reflexology.

What you will learn:

The benefits of relaxation
How stress affects the physical body
Mind-Body Connection
Breathing for relaxation
Various relaxation techniques
Grounding, Protection and Connecting (to the Divine)
Healing Meditation
Visualisation and how it can be used to promote healing
Details of common conditions with specific relaxation and visualisation exercises, including pregnancy & birth, fertility, cancer, depression and anxiety, children.
Positive Affirmations
Anchors and Triggers

Benefits for Clients:

A deeper state of relaxation enhancing the healing benefits of reflexology treatment.

All the techniques are easily learned and can be used between treatments.

Benefits for the Therapist:

Reflexology CPD points in the comfort and convenience of your own home. As an approved course the Association of Reflexologists allows 2 points per hour of study - but a maximum of 15 points per year - 5 points need to come from another source. You may decide to carry your studies into a second year, gaining another 15 points. At present there is a 2 year time limit for completion of the course.

A new, usable skill that will give you a unique selling point.

The techniques are also for your own benefit - students report feeling more relaxed and calmer in their everyday life. Emotional blocks have also been cleared.

This Reflexology CPD course provides an ideal opportunity for self reflective practice and personal development.

Included with the course:

Emailed written notes
Audio of the Relaxation Technique
Full support via email and telephone.

What the course involves:

Study of course notes
Short answer question paper
Practical work using the techniques yourself
Practical work using the techniques with a volunteer
A case study using the techniques with a reflexology volunteer
Your own recording (CD or mp3) of a relaxation exercise
Recommended reading

On successful completion of the course you will receive a Certificate in Relaxation for Reflexology CPD Course, recognised by the Association of Reflexologists.

"I must say that the course is very well put together and presented and the content is extremely interesting - just what I was hoping it would be."
Carol Jones MAR

"Just to let you know the coursework arrived today. Thank you for being so prompt with it. Having scanned it already I am really excited about starting it. As you have probably guessed I am extremely busy and this is ideal for me to do in my own time."
Julia Cotton MAR

"I am really enjoying the course and having a lot of positive feedback from clients and friends, so THANK YOU!"

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