Mind4Birthing Reflexology CPD Course

Mind4Birthing Reflexology CPD Course is now available. This second distance learning course has been written by Nikki Durrant specifically for practising reflexologists and has been approved by the Association of Reflexologists.

Mind4Birthing explores the role and impact of the mind on pregnancy, labour and birth. The course teaches relaxation and visualisation techniques that can be used in conjunction with reflexology to promote deep relaxation, build confidence, reduce anxiety and fear, minimise pain and discomfort to promote a calm, focused birth without fear.

By studying the course you will be able to teach your maternity clients to:
~ relax quickly and deeply
~ breathe to maximise the wave of each contraction and reduce discomfort experienced
~ believe in their body
~ create a mind for birthing.

You will also learn about the cycle of fear-tension-pain. All the scripts that you need are included with the course.

Mind4Birthing will add a new dimension to your reflexology practice, enabling you to help women achieve their ideal birth experience.

The course is divided into 10 Lessons in an easy to read format. Both written and practical work is required, including a case study with a maternity client. Other practical work can be carried out with any suitable adult volunteer.

Mind4Birthing includes information on working with small groups of maternity clients, creating an additional income opportunity. You must be a qualified reflexologist to study this course.

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